Dr. Muhammad Asif Khan

Assistant Professor (HEC Recognized PhD Supervisor)

E-mail: qec@uokajk.edu.pk , khanasif82@uokajk.edu.pk

Phone: 05826-960035 | 05826-960055

Mr. Khurrum Mustafa Abbasi

Lecturer | HOD

E-mail: khurrum.abbasi@uokajk.edu.pk

Phone: +92 5826-90022

Mr. Majid Mahmood

Lecturer / Data Analyst

E-mail: majidmehmood@uokajk.edu.pk

Phone: +92 5826 960057


To become efficient and effective QEC directorate by employing self-sustainable quality measures to ensure overall quality standards compatible with national and international standards at University of Kotli Azad Jammu and Kashmir.


QEC directorate strives to apply state of the art techniques to develop, implement, enhance and encourage sustainable quality culture through transparency, shared responsibility, technology and innovation.


CORE Objective

To work under the shadow of HEC guidelines for the Quality Enhancement Cell already accepted and adopted in the University of KOTLI AJ&K.

Other Objective

1. Implementation of program and institutional level Quality assurance process under the guidelines of HEC

2. To establish effective system of self assessment at program and institutional level.

3. Facilitate in implementation of internal level quality assessment system (self assessment) & external level quality assessment system (Accreditation & Peer-Review).

4. Assuring each program meet the HEC & council for Accreditation requirements.

5. Ensuring implementation of all pre-requisites before initiating new program.

6. Facilitate and support structural and technical requirements of Program and assist/guide in achieving them.

7. Formulate and implement framework to ensure high quality scientific research publications, encourage research oriented culture among faculty and students.

8. Collection of university statistics/data from different departments and share with concern stake holder (HEC) used for university ranking.

9. Encourage automation of record /Data for better communication, effective decision making and problem solving for all stakeholders.

10. Ensure & encourage transparency in such process that may have strategic impact on the University’s reputation.

11. Encourage and support Capacity building of faculty members and quality enhancement of student support services through different interventions.

12. Ensure the student welfare by all aspects related to academic and research.

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